The creation of espadrilles has been the result of centuries of craftsmanship in which, like a coastal landscape, it has evolved little by little. No rush.

No rush.
Like the sea on the rockSin prisa.

The sea is constantly pounding the coast. Sometimes with greater force, sometimes with tranquility and affection. In the same way the espadrilles are created in Juncal Aguirre. Taking care of every step, looking for comfort and without haste.

Just as the sea and the rock fit together and mould themselves, each of our espadrilles adapts to the foot, providing a convincing comfort.

The landscape of the flysch of Zumaia is the perfect frame to reflect what espadrille making inspires us. A coastal profile designed by time itself, with an eye to the future and leaving its past visible.

  • Topacio White 7cm

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  • Silvita Black 10cm

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  • Pizarra Bottle 3.7cm

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  • White espadrilles womanWhite espadrilles woman

    Mica White 7cm

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